Let Your Kids Run Free at The Boneyard

Let Your Kids Run Free at The Boneyard

Anyone who has been to Walt Disney World knows it can be challenging to not have your kids run off on you. There are so many neat things to see and explore. That is why I am a fan of Animal Kingdom’s The Boneyard. The Boneyard is an outdoor play space designed to look like a dinosaur dig site.

What’s all there:

You walk into The Boneyard and automatically your eyes go up. You look up to the multiple-level maze with obstacles and yellow covered slides. To your right there is a Jeep for pretend play and climbing. There are also two small slides for little adventurers. On the other side kids can play in a sand archeological dig site and excavate fossils from a Triceratops and a Tyrannosaurus Rex. There are multiple interactive exhibits, too, like musical bones and footprints.

Safety first:

One of the safety features that I love about The Boneyard is the poured rubber flooring. You walk on it and you go “oh, this is nice”. There is a little bounce to it just incase a little one falls or trips. No mulch means no worries about it getting into shoes or splinters.

There is only one way in and out of play area. A cast member greets you before you enter and makes sure kids don’t run in without an adult.

Most of all, there are cast members everywhere. There is one on each level of the multi-level maze making sure only one child goes through an obstacle at a time. No children are being stomped or trampled over. Only one person is allowed down the slide at a time and there is no attempting to climb up the slides. Cast members are present to ensure children don’t climb on structures they aren’t suppose to.

Sit back and relax:

There are multiple seating areas with benches and large fans blowing in those Summer months. Music can be heard playing from overhead and it seems like a good portion of the seating is under cover.

Let your kids run about and burn off that extra energy they have stored up from all the excitement around Walt Disney World. The Boneyard is also a great place to tire out kiddos as well!


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