Walt Disney World Handicap Accessible Rides

Walt Disney World Handicap Accessible Rides

Disney makes every effort to make sure everyone can be included while they visit the parks. They do this by having handicap accessible rides and transportation. On our most recent trip to Walt Disney World Resort (first week of October 2018) I was able to document some of the accommodations Disney has in place for people who are wheelchair bound. The pictures you see are of my sister who is completely wheelchair bound, she cannot stand or walk.

Disney Bus:

When you stay on Disney property you have access to Disney Buses that take you to and from the parks. They have a handicap spot for you and your party to wait at that is easily seen by the bus driver. The handicap person and their party load the bus first. The driver will lower the bus and the ramp that is located on the side of the bus. There are seats that fold up on the bus that allow a wheelchair to be strapped and secured while the bus is in motion. Once you reach your destination, the person in the wheelchair will be the last person to get off the bus.

Disney Monorail:

Transportation on the monorail for a person in a wheelchair is super easy. The monorail cast members will bring over a portable ramp that allows the person to enter the monorail car. The cast member will then ask you where you are getting off and inform a cast member at your stop what monorail car you are in. When you arrive at your destination, a cast member will be waiting with the ramp to get you off the monorail. The difference with the monorail and the bus when it comes to accommodating a wheelchair is that the person will get on and off the monorail with the other guests. There is no waiting for either party to load or unload the vehicle.


Certain attractions require guests in wheelchairs to transfer and others have special “cars” that allow the person to remain in their wheelchair. On our past trip, my sister stayed in her wheelchair on The Seas with Nemo and Friends, Journey into Imagination with Figment, Toy Story Mania! and Kilimanjaro Safaris. Certain rides will have alternative queues for handicap people. The complete list of rides with wheelchair access can be found here. Disney has made it extremely easy for wheelchair bound guests to enjoy the rides without having to transfer. There are attractions that someone may choose not to ride because they may be unable to transfer safely. But, there are many rides that handicap guests can enjoy with their family.





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