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Jeri is from Ohio and has been with Magical Travel since 2010. Jeri specializes in ONLY Disney destinations & she travels to Disney destinations frequently. That means you are getting expert & up to date advice.  Let her save you lots of time and money. She makes resort, dining, & FastPass reservations for you & she will design a detailed daily itinerary for your park days. You get to relax and enjoy the trip! She will also constantly monitor your reservation to get you any available discounts.

Think a Disney vacation or Disney Cruise Line vacation is too expensive or that you can’t afford it? Let her show you that it can be done. A Disney vacation can be done on just about any budget. And it is ALWAYS magical, no matter how little or how much you spend. Using her services doesn’t cost you anything.

It is Jeri’s goal to make sure you feel like you are her only client and that every aspect of your vacation is magical. Your vacation experience should be unique and all your own and you should feel the “Disney magic” from your first interaction with her until you are back home.


We’ve been using Jeri Hall for over 4 years. I’ve never met her, but I feel like she’s part of our family. She was highly recommended to us by friends that had used her services for their trip. She’s very knowledgeable on Disney and is always up to date with what’s new and knows how to plan amazing Disney trips! Her laminated schedule/tip cards are the best! My kids look forward to her packages before our trips! I love that she makes the Fast Passes and Reservations for us and it’s free to use her amazing services! She will find you the best deal and automatically get you the lower rate if a promotion comes out. We’ve used her for Disneyland, Disney World, and Disney Cruises! We recommend Jeri to all our friends and family! –The G. Family

My family took our first Disney trip in November 2015. My husband and I had a boy who was 8 at the time, and a girl who was 6. We stayed for a week at Port Orleans Riverside. I will be honest, I was not looking forward to a week at an amusement park. With that being said, it was so much more than what we expected! Jeri was our Disney planner. She was absolutely WONDERFUL!! If not for her, our trip would not have been half of what it was. She provided us with note cards that were laminated and put on a ring. Each card was detailed with what time, place, ride, etc… If not for this very special touch, our trip would not have been what it was. The laminated note cards on the ring were our life saver! They were with us 100% of the time. When you have never been to Disney it can be very overwhelming. With the help of Jeri it was not like that at all! She was very detailed on her daily note cards of where to be, what time to leave, right turn or left turns, etc…. Port Orleans Riverside was also recommended and it was wonderful! While planning this trip I booked everything that I would want to do. Planning that  trip would be a one time event. My daughter and I went to the tea party in the Grand Floridian hotel. I would strongly encourage this. It was memorable! It was my daughter’s favorite thing that we did. Also, I would highly recommend having breakfast in the castle. WOW! It is well worth it! We also did the dessert party while watching the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. That too was wonderful!  With all of this being said, we are planning another trip in the future to Disney! We are only planning another trip in the future because of the experience that we had. We would not have had the experience that we did if it wasn’t for Jeri!   She absolutely MADE the trip! She was wonderful. I would not book another Disney trip without her. Thanks again, Jeri for the magical trip that you booked for our family! –The L. Family

When my daughters were 10 and 13, I decided to plan a trip to Walt Disney World. As a single mom, I did not typically take them on vacations by myself. We often took vacations with my parents but the three of us usually just did day trips. I contacted Jeri Hall for some help in the process and that was the best decision ever! Not only did she help me plan my trip to Disney with tickets and a place to stay but she went above and beyond in helping me plan our flights to get there as well. When we arrived she had arranged for special gifts to be in our room for my girls. They were definitely surprised at this! We also had a customized guide made just for us that we used to make our way through the parks. It gave us a path that Jeri planned to help us wait the least amount of time and it worked!  My daughters are now 17 and almost 20 so seven years has passed since our last trip to Disney. However, it remains our favorite vacation. We had a wonderful time and the stress of planning everything was minimal because Jeri had everything covered. I completely recommend her services to any family I hear that’s planning a trip to Disney. She had a big part in making this a fantastic trip for us.–Vicki C. /Arlington, OH

Jeri has planned our only two trips to Disneyland and has made them magical for the entire family. No detail is missed and the service is amazing. With her involvement, the Disney experience is elevated to extraordinary. We simply won’t visit Disney without having Jeri involved in the planning. –S.H./ California

Jeri Hall planned my family’s vacation to Disney World and I can’t believe how much easier she made it for us. She had ideas for which parks to visit on which days, and provided invaluable information for what to do inside each park. From great tips on what attractions not to miss, to suggestions on what order to do them in to avoid the busiest times. There is no way we could have enjoyed our vacation half as much without her help. –A.P. /Hilliard, Ohio


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