Babywearing at Walt Disney World

Babywearing at Walt Disney World

Written by: Stacey Cahill, an agent with Magical Travel

If you have ever traveled with kids, you know your hands are always full! “Mom, hold my sippy cup”, “Mom, where’s my sunglasses”, “Mom, I need something out of my backpack!”. The scenarios are endless! Well, Disney World is no exception!

Whether you are looking for your phone to check on your FastPass time, holding little ands as you walk through a ride queue, or balancing one of the other million things parents are constantly doing, babywearing at Disney can be a big help!

Babywearing is a great way to visit the parks with little ones, and remain stroller free! However, you can also use your baby carrier in addition to your stroller to make your time in the parks with little ones flow a little smoother! We are a family with 2 kids, 3 years old and under, and a baby carrier on our last trop was seriously essential for us! With a clingy 10 month old, and an autistic 2 year old, sometimes our double stroller wasn’t cutting it. Whether my son wanted to be held, or my daughter just needed some space from her baby brother to provide a calming, safe space for herself, having a baby carrier as a second option made our trop so much less stressful!

If you have ever found yourself wondering about what some of the benefits of babywearing at Walt Disney World could be, then you are in the right place! We love babywearing, especially at Disney! Here are some of my favorite reasons to babywear at Disney!

  • Keeps kids close to mom or dad, feeling secure, and can help with little ones who may get overwhelmed in loud or crowded settings. Nothing like special one-on-one time with your kids!
  • Provides a higher vantage point, so your kids can feel like they are more “a park of the action” than when they are in the stroller, yet they are still safely secure in one place!
  • On-the-go nap time! Most kids love to nap in their carrier. And they can rest while you are eating at a restaurant, waiting in a queue, watching a parade, etc.
  • Help to contain your little one in long queues, where you aren’t able to bring a stroller!
  • You can wear your little on eon many attractions throughout Walt Disney World as well! Front carry, of course. (meaning baby is positioned on the front of the parent/caregiver. Whether that be chest to chest, or with baby facing outwards) The ride attendant at the beginning can tell you whether the specific ride prohibits babywearing on the ride.
  • Walking right on to Disney transportation is a breeze without a stroller! Easier to find enough space as well. When the monorails or buses are filling up at the end of the night, that stroller can feel like a real throne in your side!

Additional Tips:

  • The Florida sun can be strong! So make sure to have a hat or covering for your little one’s head while they are in the carrier.
  • Florida can be extremely hot, and baby carrying can get sweaty. Make sure you bring a breathable baby carrier with you, and take breaks often for both of you to cool down.
  • Bring a toy that can clip on to the strap of your carrier, for some additional entertainment for your little one.

We all know kids love to be carried, and sometimes a stroller is still the best options for us. But, babywearing is just another tool we like to keep on hand. A baby carrier can really provide you some great solutions at Walt Disney World!

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