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10 Things to Do While Waiting in Line at Disney Parks

10 Things to Do While Waiting in Line at Disney Parks

I would bet that not many people enjoy waiting in line for rides. That’s why Disney invented Genie+, right?! If you find yourself waiting in line at a Disney park, here are some constructive ways to pass the time.

  1. Select Your Next Genie+ Selection
    -If you are eligible to add an additional Genie+ selection you can decide which attraction you would like next.
  2. Apply Sunscreen
    -Waiting in line is the perfect time to re-apply sunscreen on yourself and the little ones. No one wants to get burnt while they are on vacation. I like to keep my sunscreen in a Ziploc bag so it doesn’t leak on to my things.
  3. Take and Go Through PicturesWaiting in Line
    -Some of my favorite photos are of my kids hanging out in line. Each ride has a themed line queue making the perfect photo ops! I also use this time to go through the photos I have taken throughout our trip and either post them, send them to friends and family or create a “Disney” album in my phone. I will take this time to see if any of my PhotoPass photos have loaded on the MyDisneyExperience app.
  4. Have a Snack
    -There isn’t much down time while you’re in the parks. Waiting in line is a great time to recharge and have a snack. I like to pack a day bag with snacks and water in it. You never know when your kids (or yourself) need a little refueling. Just be courteous of the people around you while you’re eating in line, more and more people now have food allergies.
  5. Enjoy the Interactive Line Queues Waiting in Line
    -Some of the queues in Walt Disney World have even been designed to be interactive, so not only are you distracted as you wait in line, you will also find that you enjoy the time in the queue. Some of my favorite interactive line queues are, Test Track, Dumbo and Peter Pan’s Flight.
  6. Find Hidden Mickeys
    -Hidden Mickeys are all over the parks, h
  7. Map Out Your Next Adventure
    -There are physical park maps available at every park. Grab a couple and let your kids find a ride that they want to go on next. Or you can even make a game out the maps. Have your kids look for certain rides or restaurants! Bonus if you have more than one child and they can race to see who can find them first!
  8. Play Games and Apps
    Waiting in Line-Almost everyone who has kids has apps on their phone or tablet for them to play. I will end up giving my kids my phone to play some games on while they wait in line. Happy kids equals an overall better time. No judgement here- play away! I have also packed little travel games that my kids have never played with before to keep them entertained. Target’s dollar section is great for this. The good old Rock Paper Scissors is another one of my favorite pass the time games. Get the Heads Up app on your phone to play with your family. Play I-Spy, tell jokes, look for hidden Mickeys. Brain Quest games are also a lot of fun!
  9. Plan Your Next Meal
    -No matter what time of day it is, it is never too early to plan your next meal! While waiting in line, I will take a look at what quick serve restaurants Waiting in Lineare near by. I also check out the mobile ordering to see if I can order something to save time. If you make your dining reservations 60 days in advance like I do, you probably won’t be making dinging reservations while waiting in line. But I do like to see if any reservations opened up for a restaurant that I wasn’t able to get a reservation at. Things come up, and people will cancel their reservations the day before or the day of, opening up time slots!
  10. Strike up a Conversation
    -With Disney being one of the most popular destination spots there are people from all around the world who travel there. I like to have conversations with the people around me. It’s fun to see what rides or restaurants they’ve have been to. I have also been given great recommendations for hotels, restaurants, stores, etc. Sometimes you might even start up a conversation with someone from your area. It really is a small world!

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