Ten Things to do While Waiting in Line at Disney Parks

Ten Things to do While Waiting in Line at Disney Theme Parks

I’d have to say that many people don’t enjoy waiting in long lines at Disney parks. Good thing Disney came up with FastPass+, right? Even with FastPasses, there’s still a chance that you’re willing to wait in line for a particular ride that you have to go on. Waiting in line isn’t ideal especially with younger children, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the time productive. Here are some of the things I suggest to make the most out of your waiting time.

1. Plan Your Next Several Rides

Since you can only start with three FastPass+ selections, use this time to map out what attractions you want to head to next. The My Disney Experience App has current wait times for rides and character meet and greets. There is also a map of the park so you can familiarize yourself with the quickest route to your next destination.

2. Play Games

To keep my little ones occupied while waiting in line we play games. We play games like ‘I Spy”, rhyming games, question games, guess the number, guess the animal, ” rock, paper, scissors”, “Simon Says”, etc. Playing games like these keep their mind off the wait and their little bodies from climbing on the queue dividers. It also keeps them off my phone, but sometimes my phone is the saving grace!

3. Find Hidden Mickeys

Hidden Mickeys are everywhere! A lot of hidden Mickeys are displayed in plain sight, with most of them being in line queues. Hint: they aren’t always right side up!

4. Have a Snack

Waiting in line is the perfect time to have a quick snack. With having two little ones, I personally always visit Disney parks with extra snacks in my backpack. (See what I pack in my backpack here.) It’s the perfect time for everyone to take a break and recharge.

5. Apply Sunscreen

Sun burn can sneak up on you while you’re walking around the Disney parks. Outdoor line queues can sometimes make the sun unbearable. Waiting in line is a great time to reapply sunscreen. Try to be considerate and not use the spray sunscreen, not everyone enjoys getting a mist of someone else’s sunscreen blown at them. 

6. Plan Your Next Meal

If you don’t already have dining reservations use the time while waiting in line to check reservation openings or scout out a quick serve location. I don’t have reservations for every meal while I’m staying at Walt Disney World; sometimes I like to wing it.

6. Tell Stories

Something that we like to do as a family is talk about what our favorite thing was throughout the day. While waiting in line I like to ask my children what their favorite ride was or who their favorite character was they met. It is also an opportunity for them to tell me what rides they want to go on next.

7. Play With a Toy

I try to remember to bring travel sized toys with me for the kids to play with while waiting in line or while waiting for their food at a restaurant. Melissa and Doug make great activities that fit right in a backpack to keep kids entertained. I like to bring new toys that the kids have never played with before to keep their attention longer.

8. Enjoy the Ride Queue

Several rides have interactive line queues to keep you entertained while waiting. My favorites are the Winne the Pooh Ride, The Little Mermaid Ride, Haunted Mansion, and Peter Pan’s Flight. Other line queues are incredibly themed to go with the ride. You would be surprised to see the detail that goes into every ride.

9. Make a New Friend

People migrate to Disney from all around the world. Strike up a conversation with someone who is waiting in line with you. Ask where they are from, what they did while in Disney that they loved, what hotel they are staying at and what they think about it. You would be surprised with how many people will engage in a conversation with you and share their experiences.

10. Take Pictures

Some of my favorite photos from our Disney vacations are of my family and I waiting in line. It’s the perfect time to capture memories since everyone is together in close quarters. Most of the line queues have props that are perfect to pose with.




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