Stacey Raker

Stacey Raker

Stacey Raker

Magical Travel Specialist
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Stacey Raker

Stacey’s degree in Hospitality Management and 25 years in the industry have provided her with excellent listening skills and the ability to anticipate and meet requested needs within the travel realm.

Stacey makes her home in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, located just outside of Philadelphia. She grew up a few miles from where she lives now. As a child her family traveled a lot and made annual trips to Disney World beginning in 1978. She travelled to the Bahamas, the West Coast, cruised Hawaii, saw Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon and traveled to Germany, Austria and Switzerland before she was 18 years old.

She has been booking travel destinations for the last five years. She loves to book Disney travel as it is a passion close to her heart. She has been to Disneyland twice in two years and has come to love this as her favorite Disney destination. Many people find this surprising because it is a smaller destination, but that is what she loves about it. It is intimate and it was Walt’s original concept and he had a hand in every aspect. Her favorite trips to book are ones that bring families together for a week of fun. Client’s first visit planning to Disney is also one of her favorite things to book. Being able to hear about the magic from her clients still gives her goose bumps like it was her first visit.

Stacey loves to travel and visit new destinations. Her bucket list destinations are Grand Cayman, Alaska and a return trip to Hawaii. She would love to take her Mom to London in the very near future as well. She has the experience and the desire to make your trip magical with the follow through to make sure each detail is to your expectations. She plans your vacation as if it were her own.

Two favorite quotes to live by are: “Always Stay Humble and Kind” and  “When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably” – Walt Disney




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