Magical Travel Is There For You

Magical Travel Is There For You

Disney announced that Shanghai Disney Resort has begun the phased reopening of Shanghai Disneyland starting today– an encouraging sign for Disney parks and retail locations all over the world!

Disney destinations have always been a place of magic, a place to escape from the everyday normal. But, during this time we have been faced with rescheduling our much needed vacations and wondering when things will return to normal. The good news is that all of this is temporary. We will soon be traveling again and making memories with our loved ones.

Magical Travel has been committed to helping clients navigate through their options when it comes to rescheduling their vacations due to the closures. We encourage you not to cancel, but to reschedule your interrupted vacations. Our agents are still booking vacations for this year and next. We will continue to keep our clients updated and steer them through any new park procedures.

Now more than ever, booking your vacation with a Magical Travel agent is not only smart, but essential. When you are ready to travel we will be waiting to make your vacation dreams come true!

Thank you!
Denise Hafto
Owner, Magical Travel

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