So You Decided to Register for a runDisney race

So You Decided to Register for a runDisney race

Written by: Jennifer L., an agent with Magical Travel

Whether this is your first time registering for a runDisney race, or if you are a seasoned veteran, the anticipation of General Registration day can certainly be stressful. This year especially, registration will look different as everything goes thru the runDisney site instead of being redirected to Active for payment.

If you are like me, having a few visuals of what to expect can keep the fingers steady while fiercely typing away. The following are screen shots from a Perfect Dopey registration. Keep in mind, screens and questions may differ depending on which race distance you choose. Those registering on General Registration day will have the option of the 5K, the 10K, the half marathon, the full marathon, the Goofy Challenge (the half and full marathon), and the Dopey challenge. You will also have the option of registering yourself for another race and/or another runner for different race distances.

After getting into the queue and successfully waiting thru the spinning wheel, you will select your desired race distance and be asked the following information. If you have your Disney account set up (which I highly suggest doing before registration day), much of the information will self populate. On the following screen, the shirt size is the only detail that required an entry.

You will continue to be asked for address and phone number – which again should self populate if you have your Disney account set up. On the following screen, an emergency name and contact number were the information requiring an entry. Be ready with information for someone who is preferably with you but not running the same race and their phone number. There will be a space on the back of your bib for an emergency contact as well should your person change before race day. Should you be traveling alone, you will still need to enter an emergency contact, so have that information ready and available.


Continue filling in any details that are not self populated.


Answer the next two questions and you will need to check the box addressing Proof of Time (POT). If you believe you can finish the Marathon in under 4 hours or the Half Marathon in under 2 hours, you will need to provide POT from a race run between January 1, 2019 and September 30, 2021. You can update your POT up until September 30, 2021, but will be required to enter a POT at registration should you believe you can finish in those assigned times. Information needed is usually Name, Place, and Date of Race, Finishing Time, and website of the race and it’s results.

Answer the following questions. If you are not expecting to finish the Marathon in under 4 hours or the half marathon in under 2, you don’t need to spend much time debating the benefits of entering one time grouping or another-simply answer the questions with what you plan to run on race day. Note that these questions are related to the Dopey challenge. If you are registering for a distance other than the Dopey challenge, some of these questions will differ to relate to your given distance.

The next few screens are pretty easy and self explanatory. Click NEXT STEP after answering all the questions.

The following screens are to pre purchase merchandise. You should be able to do this after registration by going into your runDisney account and adding purchases then. There will be a link to your runDisney account on your registration confirmation email. If you would like to do this during registration, take time to look at these offerings now so you don’t waste time deciding what you would like. Personally, I do recommend pre purchasing distance specific merchandise if you will want it as they do sell out at the expo. However, I would complete the registration first then go back and make your purchases.

The next screen is for you to review your registration and add a donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society if you so choose. If you have a promo code (amazing, because I have looked and never found nor heard of a promo code for a runDisney race), enter it here. Be sure to check the box indicating you have read the Participant Waiver Acknowledgement and Terms and Conditions. If you would like to read thru the Terms and Conditions, I would suggest reading thru them on the runDisney site before registration day.

This is what comes up if you click on the Participant Waiver Acknowledgement.

Finally, review and click on your preferred method of payment. You cannot split payment, so be sure to have your preferred method ready and if you are using a Disney gift card, make sure there is enough money on the gift card to pay the entire amount of the race(s) you are registering for. Don’t forget to make allowances for the service fees – they’ll get you every time!!

Final review – make sure everything is accurate and click Register and Pay.

These should be the next screens that appear. The spinning wheel might make another appearance after you click Register and Pay. I would not recommend refreshing your browser if this occurs, rather wait it out.

In summary, a check list of information to have available prior to registration.

  • Tshirt size you prefer
  • Emergency contact name and phone number
  • Decision on your Proof of Time. If you plan to finish the marathon in under 4 hours or the half marathon in under 2 hours, be ready to provide Proof of Time including the race name, date, location, your finishing time, and the website of the race and its results. If you do not plan to finish the marathon in under 4 hours or the half marathon in under 2 hours, no additional information is necessary. Simply have an idea of your pace for your selected race distance.
  • Decide whether you want to pre purchase race distance specific merchandise. Remember you can go back to your runDisney account and do this after registration is complete.
  • Decide if you plan to make a donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society and whether you have a promo code.
  • Read both the Participant Waiver Acknowledgement and Terms and Conditions on the runDisney website if you want to preview them prior to registration.
  • Have your method of payment available. Remember you cannot split payments, so make sure you plan accordingly. If you are using a Disney gift card, make certain you have enough funds available. You can always check your balance on

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