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Walt Disney World Resort


Plan Ahead

suitecase Check out the average temperature and attendance trends

suitecase The Holiday Season starts early. Expect the parks to be decorated starting in mid to late November.

suitecase Choose a guide book or books to help you get acquainted with the parks, hotels and surrounding Anaheim area.

suitecase Get your children involved in planning your trip by giving them a part in the vacation planning such as choosing which attractions they would like to see and in what order they would like to see them.

suitecase Find out park hours, parade and firework times, and special event happenings.  Park hours are usually available 6 months prior to your travel dates.

suitecase Start a simple itinerary, add to it as you research what the Walt Disney World Parks and your Disney Resort have to offer.

suitecase Be realistic about the time you have and the time it may actually take to accomplish your list.  Be flexible!

suitecase Don't make a strict schedule for your family to follow, it could make your vacation a miserable experience.  Have a basic itinerary or outline of attractions and activities you would like to see and do. 

suitecase Research your dining options and make a few dining reservations. Character Meals are fun and the most popular; the can be reserved 180 days in advance.

suitecase Make your travel and resort reservations as far in advance as possible.

suitecase Research your resort options.  Take into consideration that just because a resort may have a cheaper rate it may not have all the amenities you would like during your stay. To save on travel time it may be worth it to pay a little more per night to be closer to the parks.

Airline Travel

Blue AirplaneWhen you purchase/reserve your airline tickets be sure to request seats. Have the seats reserved even if they can not seat your family altogether or if they are undesirable.  It is easier to be bumped from a flight without seat assignments because most airlines over book their flights. 

Blue AirplaneIf your seats can not be assigned at the time you reserve your tickets get to the airport as early as you can.  Most airlines save 30 to 40 percent of their seats for airport check-in.  The earlier you check-in the more likely you will be able to get seats together.

Blue AirplaneReconfirm your flights directly with the airlines 24 hours prior to travel and that also includes your return flight. Airlines have toll free numbers or you can check right on-line at their website.

Blue AirplaneMost airlines now issue e-tickets which means you can print your boarding passes directly from their website. Also, you can print your boarding passes from the automated ticket machines at the airport, you may need to use the same credit card that you originally purchased your tickets with.  Checking-in online or at the automated ticket machines will save you time.

Blue AirplaneMost airline websites have complete information on flight times, baggage requirements, carry-on information, ID requirements and security check points.

Disney World Atlanta

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